In a world where everyone is glued to screens, the importance of getting outdoors and in natures has only increased. Being in nature has been shown to help lower your stress and your blood pressure, which makes your quality of life healthier. It improves your mood, which makes life more enjoyable and improves your outlook on things as well. Your body gets the much-needed vitamin D it needs from the sunlight for important body functions such as bone health and a healthy immune system. In addition, you can ward off SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which can crop up, especially in Minnesota winters.

Timberland Outdoor Services in Minneapolis/St Paul loves helping homeowners create the outdoor living area of their dreams. There are many possibilities that can help you enjoy nature to the fullest, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and help the environment as well. Having your own mini-oasis to fall in love with and enjoy with friends and family can be life-saving, indeed. Please reach out to our residential landscaping design team to get started today!

Our passion for landscaping comes from providing you with the best landscape design for your home. Our residential landscape designs will create a sense of place, will exceed expectations and will be the envy of your neighbors.

Once a landscape plan is created it can be broken down into phases for a multi-year landscape installation. This is a great way of saving money and building towards your finished landscape without any waste.

In the first phase of this landscape project we installed the front planting beds and the foundation.

We installed the paver patio and front planting island in Phase II of this residential landscape project.

In the final phase of this landscape project we installed an additional seating area with a fire pit for entertaining. The final plantings around the property went in as well.

Note that all these pieces fit into the areas defined in phase 1. Each phase could be utilized in the interim and looked complete at each step. This couldn’t have happened without proper residential landscape planning.

Contact Timberland Outdoor Services to explore all of your landscape possibilities.