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Seasonal Color

Add Shimmer to Your Holiday Season in St. Paul

Humans are gifted with the ability to see all of the colors of the visual spectrum, which many other animals cannot see. Color makes this world incredibly beautiful and engaging. Can you imagine a world that was devoid of color; where everything was black or white? The world would be drab and dull, indeed.

Timberland Outdoor Services offers seasonal landscaping color in the Twin Cities area to make your landscaping beautiful and visually appealing. Color is an essential component of curb appeal, and whether you are trying to sell your home, you want beauty around you, or you are creating a quiet place for your employees to take a break, people notice pinks, purples, yellows, and reds. Not only are beautiful flowers good to have around the home, but they also attract birds, butterflies, and honey bees, providing much needed food and habitat to boot. Truly, color can make your outdoor landscaping design pop. Call us for a free estimate on your commercial or residential landscaping near Minneapolis/St. Paul today!




  • Can improve your mood

  • Can help you relax

  • Can help you be more energetic

  • Can help improve your memory

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Seasonal Landscaping Color

The key to successful residential and commercial landscaping design is mixing the right elements in the perfect combinations to appeal to the viewers’ senses. From the perfect punch of red roses amongst a bed of brown mulch beneath a behemoth green tree to the use of colored concrete walkways to add warmth and appeal, mixing together landscaping elements adds interest and beckons the viewer to explore. Timberland Outdoor Services will enhance your commercial property appeal through the use of seasonal color and decor options for spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Beautiful displays created by our dedicated staff of landscape designers will draw attention to your site. We take pride in professionally installing and maintaining unique and eye-catching displays.

  • Springtime Flowers
  • Summer Color & Creative Displays
  • Fall Ornamentals and Autumn Specialties
  • Winter Evergreen Arrangements
  • Holiday Lights, Wreaths, Garland


Timberland Outdoor Services has years of experience in helping our Minneapolis/St. Paul customers create mini-oases that invite them in and never want to let go. As a business, you can definitely leave an impression with customers and potential customers when you have a beautiful landscape that makes people stop and smell the roses. For the homeowner, having a backyard full of architectural elements, such as a rock garden, water feature, koi fish, and pots full of overflowing, colorful flowers will not only have you spending more time outdoors, but you’ll also reap the benefits of being outdoors and in nature. If you are interested in our residential or commercial landscaping services or our seasonal color services near Minneapolis/St. Paul, then give our landscaping company a call today!

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