There’s something to be said for having a beautiful landscape design for your business. Your customers don’t seem to mind waiting when they can watch butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds, as well as enjoy the beautiful flowers you’ve planted. 

In addition, having a beautiful lawn gives your employees something beautiful to look at. Green is a tranquil color that can both calm and clarify your thoughts, as well as relax you, which relieves stress for your employees. When you spend all days indoors in front of a computer or on the phone with customers, being able to have lunch outdoors in a gorgeous manicured lawn can be just the mental break your employees need.


Timberland Outdoor Services offers the best commercial landscape design services for your Minneapolis/St. Paul office space. Whether you have an industrial warehouse where few go or you have a busy restaurant, you want to be able to provide both your customers and your employees with a sight for sore eyes. Some customers may even patronize your place more due to the beautiful commercial landscape design. If you are in need of landscape design or you want commercial holiday decorations, call us for a free estimate today!