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Customized landscapes to match individual style, from minimalist to ornately complex.

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We have award-winning landscape design. Enhance your property value and curb appeal.

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We provide a turn-key smooth process: Our landscape process leaves nothing to chance.

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Timberland Outdoor Services, Inc.

Timberland Outdoor Services, Inc. brings artistic landscapes to homes and businesses throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Our landscape professionals, with their 60-plus years of creative experience, design and create customized landscapes to match your individual style, preferences and budgets – ranging from minimalist to ornately complex.

Timberland also offers specialized services for updating, beautifying, maintaining and improving commercial properties.

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Fall Clean Ups are Underway…

Timberland Outdoor Services Featured in Pioneer Press

Timberland Outdoor Services was featured on the front page of the Pioneer Press.  Joaquin captured the spotlight as he installed holiday lights on one of many trees in St. Paul’s Rice Park.  Make a point of visiting St. Paul around the holidays this year…the results will be beautiful!